Hi! I'm Tammy, your midlife wellness coach! It's great to meet you! I am a Certified Myers-Briggs® Type Practitioner and the Founder of Type to Purpose, LLC. 

My passion is to inspire and motivate others to life their season of midlife, and beyond, to the fullest! 

I believe that we, as a generation, are changing what midlife looks like! We are on the verge of a midlife revolution that’s going to impact how future generations will perceive this time of their life. Not as a winding down, but rather, as a fresh start and an exhilarating new beginning! 

Midlife offers a renewed sense of freedom and an amazing opportunity to reconnect to our true self and our passions in a deeper way. 

However, many reach this point in life feeling overwhelmed. They're discouraged, tired and unsure what to do next.

When we’re feeling out of balance and a bit lost, I believe that the first thing we need to do is check in with our spirit, who we are at our deepest center. This is the part of us that easily gets buried under the roles and responsibilities of our lives. 

As a wellness coach, I help my clients focus on three core areas that are the foundation of spiritual wellbeing and midlife fulfillment: 
       Increasing Self-Awareness
       Improving Mindfulness
       Tuning into what’s Stirring in Your Heart 

We live our best, most rewarding lives when we are confident, present and using our passions and talents in ways that benefit others. 

Our purpose can look different as we navigate the different seasons in our life. Frustration occurs when we are holding onto what was right for us last season. When we align to what’s right, right now...magic happens. We feel energized from within and radiate light to others.

Our workshops are where self-discovery meets empowerment. You have to spend time going inward and reconnecting to who you are at your deepest center to uncover what you truly want in this season of life.

You’ve worked hard, putting other’s needs and wants before your own. But now, it’s time to invest in YOU! 

I hope that you will join me in an upcoming workshop and take the first steps towards stepping out of the fog and illuminating your path to living midlife with purpose!!