We offer a choice of two different wellness workshops.

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 Recharge Your Energy with the Power of Personality Type 

  Are you tired of being tired?

  Have you been searching for a way to increase your overall sense of well-being?

  Do you want to navigate the season of midlife with renewed vitality?

The season of midlife is filled with possibilities! So many of us are hopeful about the adventures and new beginnings this time in our life offers. However, it can be difficult to tap into our full potential if we are feeling exhausted and depleted.

Join us for an insightful workshop where you will discover how the awareness of personality type preferences can serve as a powerful tool for boosting your energy levels.

By understanding your natural responses and tendencies, you’ll identify personalized strategies that will help you cultivate habits that naturally replenish your wellspring of energy.

Whether you prefer to recharge in solitude or you thrive in social settings, understanding your unique personality type is key to rejuvenating the energy you need to live the exciting season of midlife to the fullest!

 Illuminate Your Path – Unlock Your Midlife Potential 

Midlife is the perfect time to invest in yourself and embark on a journey of self-discovery! 

This workshop is designed to help you unlock your potential so that you can live this exciting season and beyond with purpose!

Everyone in the workshop will have the opportunity to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). 

Using the powerful lens of personality type, you will identify a personalized roadmap that aligns with your unique interests and type preferences. This roadmap will offer ideas and action steps to help you increase your confidence, identify ways to tackle your greatest stressors and tune into the stirrings of your heart to help discern what lights you up!

With time for self-reflection, group activities and artistic expression exercises, participants will get to pause and reset as they reconnect with who they are and uncover their creative passions so that they can 'begin again' with refreshed energy, clarity and direction!

Don't miss out on this chance to illuminate your path to a purposeful and fulfilling adventure during midlife and beyond!

Contact us today for more information and to determine which workshop will be best for your training and development goals.

Special Notes on Program Pricing and Logistics 

Prices assume workshops and consultations will be conducted within a 60-minute commute. If travel is required in excess of a 60-minute commute, the subsequent travel fees will be added to the total amount.

Workshops run approximately 3.5 hours.

Cancellation Policy 

When a workshop or speaking event is booked, the client agrees to the following cancellation policy terms.

Client Cancellations: Workshop fees are non-refundable. All payments are final. 

Speaking Events/Mini-Workshops Cancellations: Keynote/speaking fees are non-refundable. All payments are final.

Type to Purpose, LLC Cancellations: If a program needs to be rescheduled by Type to Purpose, LLC for any reason (weather, illness, etc..) there will be two options available:

1. If a 'rain date' is established, the client will be able to transfer their enrollment to the new date and continue with the existing contracted terms.  Or
2. The client will be given the option to obtain a full refund.

Terms & Conditions 

When a workshop or speaking event is booked, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • Payment for all workshops and/or speaking events must be received in full prior the scheduled workshop or event. Payments for all workshops and events are non-refundable.
  • Type to Purpose, LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event, workshop or training program conducted by it. a. Where Type to Purpose, LLC cancels a program or event, Type to Purpose, LLC will refund the payment amount less Eventbrite’s fees.
  • Intellectual property rights in all electronic or printed materials, including presentation slides are owned and retained by Type to Purpose, LLC, unless otherwise specified. No content may be copied, uploaded, posted, displayed or reproduced in any way without Type to Purpose, LLC’s prior permission. To the extent permitted by law, Type to Purpose, LLC makes no representation and bears no liability to any person or organization as to the accuracy or suitability of the materials for any particular purpose. All materials produced by the Myers-Briggs Company shall remain their property. No content should be used or reproduced elsewhere.
  • Release of liability agreement: by agreeing to the terms and conditions, I acknowledge that I am fully aware of any risks, physical or emotional, involved with participating in the Illuminate Your Path Workshop and voluntarily assume responsibility for my own safety and hereby waive any and all legal rights against Type to Purpose, LLC and their employees for any injuries or damages that may occur during the Illuminate Your Path Workshop.
  • Workshop participants and/or the ‘Client Company’ shall, at its expense, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Type to Purpose, LLC and any Indemnitee against any and all claims, charges, debts, demands and lawsuits arising out of or in connection with any claim that Type to Purpose, LLC or Indemnitee's use or possession of the goods or information infringes or misappropriates the patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any third party.
  • Workshops and Feedback are delivered on the following terms:
    • Workshop participants are completing the MBTI® on a voluntary basis.
    • A Participant’s Myers-Briggs Personality type is confidential to them. Participants in the workshop need to tell the facilitator if they do not wish to share their personality type with others and, therefore, would like to decline participation in the group exercises.
    • The results of the MBTI® are based on the validity and integrity of the information provided by the participant. Type to Purpose, LLC is not in any way liable for the results or the personality type identified during the workshop.
    • The results of the MBTI® are for informational purposes only.
    • Participants of the workshop agree to the terms, conditions and copyright laws set forth by the Myers-Briggs Company in regards to the use of the MBTI®. Type to Purpose, LLC is in no way liable if a participant(s) violates those terms, conditions and/or copyright laws.
  • Individual results may vary.  Type to Purpose, LLC does NOT guarantee ANY specific results or outcomes based on participation in ANY of the workshops/programs it provides.
  • Legal Disclaimer: Type to Purpose, LLC employees are NOT medical professionals.  Therefore, Type to Purpose, LLC programs and consultations are in NO way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice. ALWAYS seek the advice or treatment of a qualified provider with concerns regarding mental health or counseling needs.

Legal Disclaimer: Type to Purpose, LLC programs and consultations are in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice. Always seek the advice or treatment of a qualified provider with concerns regarding mental health or counseling needs.